Plantar fasciitis during pre-season

Plantar Fasciitis During Pre-Season

Plantar Fasciitis During Pre-Season

Inflammation of the Plantar Fascia, also known as plantar fasciitis or heel pain, can be very debilitating in athletes. Injury of the plantar fascia is very common in sports such as, AFL, soccer, rugby, tennis, netball or hockey, where the load of training is very intense. Injury can occur in these sports due to technical moves involved, such as sprinting, tackling, twisting and turning. Plantar fasciitis can also be caused due to an increase in level or intensity of training. Plantar fasciitis can also be caused due to an increase in level or intensity of training.

Rest is the best treatment for heel pain. However, during pre-season it is difficult to rest as training pre-season is important. Managing and treating heel pain is different in every individual. Treating heel pain in the early onset of symptoms is very important and will allow the athlete to recover faster. If an athlete has chronic or short periods of heel pain, over a long period of time, this can cause damage to the plantar fascia. Damage to the ligament will make it difficult to manage symptoms during the season, which means a longer healing time. It is always advised, to see a podiatrist as soon as symptoms start.

It is always essential to stretch and warm up before you run. This allows the muscles to “wake up” and also ensures that you do not injure or strain any muscles, ligaments or tendons in your body. These stretches can consist of calf raises, ankle rotations, hamstring and glute stretches.

Wearing good and supportive footwear during sports, can help prevent excess movement in the ankle and feet, which not only protects the joints, muscles tendons and ligaments from injury, but also prevents excess strain.

During pre-season, if an athlete develops heel pain, there are various types of treatments or management, that will help allow the athlete to continue with training. These types of treatment include: