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You shouldn’t have to deal with agonising plantar fasciitis or any other troublesome foot ailments.  For your convenience, we have 10 clinics located in Perth and its surroundings to ensure that you have access to our services when you need them most.

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Treatment Focuses

Don’t let sore feet affect your quality of life.  The highly experienced podiatrists at our clinics have a reputation as leaders in the successful treatment of all types of foot ailments, including Shin Splints and Plantar Fasciitis in Perth.  We will find the most effective, long-term solution for your foot condition using proven, non-invasive treatments.  We also use advanced technologies such as Shockwave Therapy to treat certDIOBNain issues, especially where problems have persisted over time.

Your plantar fascia is a large band of fibres that stretch across the sole of your foot from the ball to the heel. Under normal circumstances, your plantar fascia acts like a shock absorbing bowstring, supporting the arch of your foot. If this bowstring is put under tension or small stress tears occur, usually where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel. These small tears cause inflammation, pain and what we call ‘Plantar Fasciitis.


Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive treatment that promotes healing and reduces pain on injured tissue by using the delivery of gentle shock waves to the affected location.

The process increases the flow of blood to the targeted area, reducing inflammation and fast-tracking the body’s natural repair process.  Shockwave Therapy is safe (it has both FDA and TGA approval) and is scientifically proven to treat even the most persistent musculoskeletal conditions.

Shin splints result when muscles, tendons and bone tissue become overworked. Shin splints often occur in athletes who’ve recently intensified or changed their training routines. 

People suffering from shin splints (also known as medial tibial stress syndrome) feel pain and stiffness in the front or back of their lower legs and these symptoms can worsen if not treated properly.  Shin splints can even cause stress fractures and muscle detachment.  Foot shape or improper footwear can increase the risk of shin splints, so early diagnosis is vital for effective management and full recovery.


Heel pain?  Aching arches?  A stabbing sensation under your feet?  

It’s probably Plantar Fasciitis – a common condition that can negatively impact your quality of life.  Early intervention is best for a speedy, pain-free and full recovery – and that’s why you should contact us today.  

With our widespread network of clinics, highly experienced podiatrists and comprehensive range of non-invasive and extremely successful treatment options, we’re known as the best place to go for Plantar Fasciitis in Perth.

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