Lachlan Aquilina

Lachlan Aquilina

Lachlan Aquilina - Podiatrist

Lachlan is well-rounded(e.g. neuromas & bursitis) Podiatrist with expertise in all aspects of the profession. Originally a Sydney-sider, he graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine with Honours from Western Sydney University in 2019.

He has spent time working in both rural and metropolitan areas and has shifted between general podiatry, musculoskeletal/sports/biomechanical podiatry, foot orthotic manufacture as well as management of the high-risk foot.

Lachlan also has a research background in foot biomechanics and has had the findings of his studies presented nationally at the 2021 Australian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting.

Lachlan is currently undertaking postgraduate studies at the University of Western Australia in the Division of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery where he is honing his skills in the medical and surgical management of the foot and ankle. Lachlan enjoys all aspects of podiatry; however, his predominant areas of interest are the areas of pain diagnosis, pain management, surgical rehabilitation and skin & nail surgery.

Outside of Podiatry, Lachlan is a keen martial artist, a passionate snowboarder and loves fine art.