Jugat Kaur

Jugat Kaur

Jugat Kaur- Podiatrist

Jugat Kaur

Jugat is one of our Senior Podiatrists at Cambridge Podiatry & Balcatta Podiatry. She graduated with Distinctions in 2014 from Podiatric Medicine at the University of Western Australia. Having gone straight into Private practice work since finishing her studies, Jugat now has over 7 years of experience in Podiatry and treatments of the lower limb.

Jugat really is your ‘local Podiatrist’; she loves treating all aspects of the lower limb and wants to ensure she fixes your feet with the most up-to-date treatments and methods. You can see Jugat for anything from the routine nail and skin care, to diabetes management of the feet and lower limbs, to serious sporting injuries which require treatment and management of the lower limb and biomechanics analysis, to the prescription of orthotics to ensure correct foot form and function going forward.

Jugat also continues to gain further knowledge and skills in the various treatment modalities of Podiatric practice, through ongoing attendance at continuing education events. Some of the areas of interest that Jugat has attended further training including: Dermatology of the feet and nails, custom orthotic therapy, trigger point dry needling, barefoot rehabilitation and exercise prescription, diabetes and the feet, shockwave therapy, knee rehabilitation and footwear and prescription.

Jugat continues to maintain further education in all areas of Podiatry, to ensure she is providing you with gold standard treatments in Podiatric care. Jugat is also one of our Clinical Service Coordinators and helps manage our growing team, providing support to our Clinical staff across all of our clinics.

Although Jugat loves treating all aspects of Podiatry, her special interest lies in the correction of biomechanical instabilities through the use of orthotic therapy and footwear prescription. From chronic injuries that just don’t want to get better, to the rehabilitation after an acute injury that has impeded your daily or sporting activities, Jugat loves to help you and your feet work at their functional best and uses the most up-to-date prescription methods to make sure that your orthotics are comfortable and fit into the shoes that YOU like to wear, as well as those that are correct for your feet.

In her spare time, Jugat enjoys living an active lifestyle with training regimens that include HIIT, strength training, running and a little lifting sometimes, too. Jugat has also been taking part in Bhangra (a North Indian ‘dance form) competitions in Australia with her Bhangra team for the past many years. This leads to her understanding and keenness to help those with chronic injuries from the sport, and from dance in particular, as she has also suffered many injuries throughout her dancing life. Jugat also loves volunteering in the community, having been an active member of the Sikh Community, aiding in the development of programs for Youth in the Sikh Community within WA.